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CURRICULUM VITAE Master Tenna Hansen   

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 PERSONAL DATA                                                                                                      


Name:                                              Tenna Hansen

Address:                                          Lejrvej 145, 3500 Værløse    

Phone:                                             +45 41 12 50 50



Date of birth:     2. September, 1977

Civil status:        Married with two children



I have strong skills in Product–and Brand Management, and I have 18 years of experience in sales and marketing.

11 years specifically with ingredients for the dietary supplement, OTC & Pharma industry. Solid experience in implementation of various marketing activities, such as brand building/awareness, campaign planning and product launching into the healthcare and pharma industry

With my solid knowledge in healthcare – I know the importance to approach the healthy lifestyles to improve quality of life. My passion and interest for healthy lifestyle and trends, has led to my own blog: where I write guides and advices about healthy living in a busy life.


       In short: 
  • Ø  International knowledge and experience in product – and market launch


  • Ø  Product – and brand management for selected brands


  • Ø  Project Management


  • Ø  Campaign planning & POS


  • Ø  Online marketing & social media


  • Ø  Innovative and Strong drive
  • Ø  Identify market growth & trends for healthy lifestyles and solutions


  • Ø  KOL,Partnerships & PR




  • Ø  Strategic Management (Analyze, formulation & implementation)






2012-2013 Knowledge Manager/Product Manager, Fagron Nordic ( Arseus Group ) 
Company information
  • Pharmaceutical Danish company with headquarter in Amsterdam – part of the Arseus Group
  • Distribution of API´s, ingredients, antioxidants, cosmeceuticals, drugs and concepts to the pharmaceutical industry (Pharmacies and Hospitals)
Job Function Product Manager and Business Development
  • Knowledge sharing and marketing alignment
  • Market launch of new Derma brands and product portfolio A-Z
  • Develop and launching new formulations of API´s to Pharmacies, dermatologists and hospitals
  • Training sales reps and health care professionals & Patient organizations.
  • Implementing business plans & academies.

Key Achievements

  • Develop go-to-market plan to Pharmacies and Doctors
  • Introduced and launched hormone replacement concept to the health care professionals and the hospitals.
  • Introduced and launched 12 new products for skin conditions to the health care professionals and the pharmacy chains in DK and SE.


2010-2012 Consultant –Sales and Marketing and Product Management for Health Food companiesKnowledge Adviser
Company information
  • Independent consulting
Job Function
  • Responsible for marketing plans and managing related marketing activities for Dietary supplement and OTC
  • Responsible for different PR tasks, communication, branding and campaign activities
  • Campaign coordination of advertising in a Media house
  • Business Administration Medical & Health center.
  • Author / Writer for digital media and blogs in DK
  • PR events for B2C ( 200 participant )


Key Achievements
  • Launching PR articles in healthcare magazine, attending and sales on health care exhibitions.
  • Held PR events (200 participants)
  • Established own web:


2008-2010 Product Manager, Medica Clinical Nord 
Company information
  • Distributor of food supplements and OTC
Job Function Product Manager and Business Development

  • Formulation and  implementation of strategy – and marketing plans in new market areas on selected products
  • Market launch of new brands and product portfolio A-Z
  • Develop and launching selected brands to Pharmacies, Health Food Shops, Matas and the health care professional
  • Training sales reps and health care professionals
  • Product Management & Campaign planning
  • Presentations and training for employees in Matas, Health Food stores and Patient organizations
  • Cooperation with Key Opinion Leaders/KOL
  • Responsible for organization of seminars and academies
Key Achievements
  • Establish new target group and distribution channel to the health care professional
  • Implemented a new online marketing strategy.
  • Launched 8 -10 new products within Cardio care, Hormone therapy & Immunity.
  • Launched 8 product seminars to the health care professionals & Matas with up to 200 participant’s pr. Time
  • Found Key Opinion Leaders to Brand


2004-2008 Lallemand Human Nutrition/ Institute Rosell

  • 2006-2008 Product Manager
  • 2004-2006 Export Coordinator
Company information
  • Distribution of ingredients, herbal extract, sweeteners, starches, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for the food and pharma industries. Pioneer in Probiotic solutions
Job Function
  • Responsible for accounts in the Nordic area
  • Responsible for sales and marketing activities for both national and international markets for Dietary Supplements and OTC
  • Identify local market growth sales opportunities
  • Specialist in Gastro intestinal health and Probiotic concepts
  • Initiate and monitor in progress campaigns in provision of marketing tools – training, and presentations in collaboration with international marketing department
  • Support existing customers and identify and develop new potential customers through product portfolios in the Nordic area, UK, DE & SA
Key Achievements
  • Develop business plans together with selected customers

        (1- 2 years horizon)

  • Identify and launched 4 new ingredients for launching on the Nordic market
  • Introduced 12 health care concepts in to the Nordic market and UK.


1997-2004 Sonofon/Telenor – Sales, Marketing & Distribution 1997-1999 Trainee in Sales & Distribution1999-2004 Project-Coordinator & Account Manager
Company information
  • Telecom/Mobile Communication Company
Job Function
  • Account Manager for retail-outlets
  • Develop sales/marketing tools and initiate activity plans, campaigns and special promotions
  • Responsible for product launches
  •  Implementing POS (Point-Of-Sales) promotion material to the Retail shops
  • Approval of different kinds of promotion materials as adds, flyers, posters, radio-& TV spots to the retail channels
  • eporting to Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Key Achievements
  • Introduced and launched a new distribution channel – prepaid to all nordea ATMs in DK.
  • Introduced and launched around 15-20 mobile concepts to the sales team and distribution channels
  •  Negotiate all agent and partner contracts with “Retail Channels Head Quarters” and selected trade stores




2013 – 2014                                    Online marketing & digital media, Bigum & Co

2012 – 2013                                    HD 1 Business Economics (Managerial Economics) CBS

2004 – 2007                                    Naturopath IBM (Biological Medicine), Institut for biologisk medicin

2003 – 2005                                    Anatomy, physiology & pharmacology, Lægeskolen v. Ole Købke

1999 – 2000                                     Diploma in Management & Organization, Niels Brock

1997 – 1999                                     Trainee/Business Adm. at SONOFON/Telenor, Tietgenskolen

1996 – 1997                                     HH, (Higher diploma in commerce) Svendborg Business School

1995 – 1996                                      HG, Svendborg Business School



Key Account Management

Bachelor of commerce in Management & Cooperation

”Aktionsorienteret Salg 1 & 2 ”

Presentation technique

Project Management level 1 & 2

Online marketing and Social media (SEO, SEM, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, WordPress)



Office Pack:                         Super user in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (Extended)

Navision:                               User

CMS:                                     User



English:                                  Fluent

German:                                Understands

Scandinavian:                      Very good understanding


Board member:

The trade association for bio pathologist, naturopath and biomedical (2009-201